#THEORANGEEFFECT 2021 – Self Injury Awareness Campaign

The Orange Effect Cars For Hope Meet Cruise

Dylan Smith’s HSV and Trisha Meredith-Fraser’s commodore displaying the symbolic orange ribbons. Photo: Olivia Declerck.

Over the weekend I’ve taken a few moments of timeout to reflect on the past decade and one of my favourite Cars For Hope campaign’s – our annual Self Injury Awareness #theorangeeffect campaign which we’ve now run for 8 years straight.

In the first week of launch we sent our orange stickers to every state and territory in Australia and to every continent on the globe (minus Antarctica).
Across the month it was incredibly special for me to see communities rally together for our cause wearing orange tees, racecars turning orange and friends but also strangers gathering in parking lots to share their stories.

This is a great article about a group in Perth that ran an event in honour of our campaign. I loved it because I think it captures a lot of what we’re all about. There are a few words from me too about our beginnings that perhaps you didn’t know about.

Story: https://westernindependent.com.au/2021/04/24/car-cruise-for-a-cause/

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