Felix Alim’s DC2R for 9tro Magazine

A while back I shot fellow photographer and friend Felix Alim’s DC2R for issue 20 of 9tro Magazine. Felix’s creation is a fine example and is one of my all-time favourite Honda’s. For those who don’t know Felix is the owner of the ClubITR website and I was lucky enough to have a steer of Felix’s pride and joy on the club’s 5 year anniversary cruise to Wagga Wagga. As expected the car drives great, planted like a go-kart through the corners and sounds fucking amazing – a lot like the Cars For Hope DC2R that I’m used too but with a little less grunt. What I really liked in this car over the CFH ITR is that the entire rear interior is stripped out – you can hear the fuel pump working away, the echo of the exhaust and everything else in between. It just feels much rawer. Anyway I decided to scan the 6 page spread with my $50 scanner I bought from Officeworks so please excuse the shoddy quality and enjoy the words and photographs.


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